Q: When are practices if my child makes the Varsity/JV team? 

All practice
 times 4:30pm – 6:30pm 

  • Monday: 

         Trailside; StoneBridge HS

          Lunsford; Freedom HS

  • Tuesday: 

         Mercer/Willard; John Champe HS

         Belmont Ridge; Riverside HS 

         Blue Ridge/Harmony; Loudoun Valley HS 

  • Wednesday: 

         Farmwell; Broadrun HS 

         Brambleton; Rockridge HS 


  • Thursday: 

          Stonehill; Rockridge 

          Eagle Ridge; Broadrun HS 


Q: Registration?

Registration opens August 16th through Loudoun County PRCS.

Registration is per school. Once we receive the roster from PRCS we will place your child accordingly.

Q: Tryouts? 

Try outs are ONLY for players who have previous match play experience. The try outs are for players looking to be placed on the Varsity or JV team.

If your child has no match play experience or minimal match play experience they will be placed on the D-1 team. No need to try out.

Q: D-1 team? (Development Team)

All practices for the D-1 team are Sunday’s at Briar Woods HS.

Loudoun North – 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Loudoun South – 3:30pm – 5:30pm 

Practices for the D-1 team is geared more as an instructional lesson. The goal is to have all players improve on fundamentals and be able to play a competitive match towards the end of the season. 

Q: When are the matches?

Varsity/JV matches start September 22nd. Every Saturday.
Varsity – 9am – 11am
JV – 11:30am – 1:30am

Match location schedule to follow. Each team will have the opportunity to play at their home courts & away. 

Play off matches for Varsity start at 9:00am and are not timed matches

Play off matches for JV start at 12pm and are not timed matches. 

Q: Cost?

$295 for the season. 

Includes league t-shirt & end of season party. 

Q: How many practices & matches are included?

JV/Varsity: 10 practices, 8 matches, 1 final match 

D-1: 10 practices, 2 matches (depending on your child’s improvement they may be asked to sub for their JV team)

Q: My child is signing up for the league. Will they need additional practice? 

YES! The more practice the better to see improvement. For additional tennis classes in your area please contact jrosado@lctacademy.net