League Information MS 2018

League Information MS 2018

Middle School Spring League

LCTA Spring Tennis League is open to all junior tennis players in Loudoun County. 

The spring league will be Sunday singles matches, individual competition, due to limited court space for the high school tennis season. Our goal this season is to ensure all participants have  competitive matches according to level as well as improving their tennis game through match play. Fall 2018 will be our team tennis season where the middle schoolers have the opportunity to play for their respective schools.

From 2017 Season


  • Advanced players – players who can serve consistently and have previous match play experience and are looking for competitive match play amongst their peers in the County.
  • Intermediate players – players that can serve the ball, can rally the ball over 50%, needs limited direction during a match and is a player who is eager to learn and improve their tennis skills. 
  • Recreational players – players with little or not match experience that are looking to learn how to play a tennis match.

Players will have the opportunity to move up and down in categories based on match results. Coaches discretion may be used to suggest a more appropriate group for your child.

Match play (Advanced & Intermediate)

  • Singles match play
  • 8 game pro set, add scoring, tie break at 7 games all
  • 12 point tie break (first to 7 points) win by 2 points
  • Players will have a ranking based on winning percentage (total games won/total games played)
  • Each week players will be challenged by the player right below their position in the ranking

Players with 9:00am matches can arrive early to warm up however some of the tennis courts may be locked until a LCTA representative arrives for the 9:00am start time. Players with an 11:00am start time can arrive early to warm up if there are available courts.

Match play (Recreational)

  • Singles match play
  • Players will be grouped according to their level and will play round robin matches until time runs out
  • 3 out of 5 games (first to win 3 games) regular scoring with no AD.
  • Players will have a ranking based on winning percentage (total games won/total games played)

Match Schedule

  • Advanced Players play Sundays at 9am starting March 11 – May 13th (NO MATCHES on April 1)
  • Intermediate Players play Sundays at 11am starting March 11 – May 13th (NO MATCHES on April 1)
  • Recreational Players play Sundays at 1pm starting March 11 – May 13th (NO MATCHES on April 1)

Cost:  $225

Match Locations

  • Briar Woods
  • Stone Bridge
  • Broad Run
  • Rock Ridge
  • John Champe

Location of your child’s match will be sent out by the Thursday before their Sunday match. We will try to keep your child’s match at the same location every Sunday, however results of matches and rankings may lead to your child playing at a different location. Your child’s scheduled match start time should remain the same.

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Match Default or NO SHOW: If your child cannot make their scheduled match you must contact the league coordinator jrosado@lctacademy.net by the Saturday 6:00pm of the scheduled match date as to not result in a NO SHOW. After 2 NO SHOW matches, meaning there has been no communication or notification that your child cannot make their scheduled match your child will not be included in the remaining match schedule but can continue to play if there are any available matches on the forfeit schedule. Please understand when signing up for the Spring league this is a commitment and courtesy to all players who sign up that there is a match every Sunday.

If your child defaults their match for any reason (illness, conflict of schedule) their opponent receives a (W)win and a (D)default for your child. Defaults are ranked different than (L)loss of a match.

Forfeit Schedule: The goal is for all our participants to get as much match play and practice as possible. The league will do their best to ensure all league players have a scheduled Sunday singles match.  If your child’s opponent forfeits their scheduled match the league will contact players who are scheduled before or after to play a practice match. The match is treated as a scrimmage match and there is no official score recorded for either player. For example if a player is scheduled to play a 9:00am match and their opponent forfeited then the league will contact a player who has an 11:00am match start time and ask if he/she would like to play a practice match before their scheduled 11:00am match, and vice versa. A player who played their scheduled 9:00am match has the opportunity to play an 11:00am practice match.


LCTA adheres to the official International Tennis Federation rules. 

Tiebreaker rules:

  1. The player who just served to even the set at 7-7 will receive the serve in the tiebreaker. The score is counted by 1, 2, 3…instead of 15, 30, 45.
  2. To counter the advantage of serving, the player who started serving in the tiebreaker will only serve one point.
  3. Then the opponent serves twice, starting at the ad court on the other side. Your opponent serves point #2 on the ad court and point #3 on the deuce court. Players take turns serving 2 points until the end of tiebreaker.
  4. At 6 points total, or any multiple of 6 points total, players switch sides.
  5. The first player to reach 7 points wins the tiebreaker with a margin of 2 points to win the tiebreaker. For example, you could win at 7-0, 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, 7-4, 7-5, 8-6, 9-7.
  6. The tiebreaker is treated like a game. At the conclusion of the tiebreaker, the score is recorded as 8-7.