Loudoun County Middle School League » Uniform and Racket

LCTA will provide a league t-shirt for all registered participants. There is no set uniform for Spring league matches however players from the previous season are encouraged to wear their school tennis team shirt or school spirit wear for the Sunday matches.

League Shirts

A custom t-shirt will be provided for all registrants.

Practice Attire

Any type of athletic clothing is acceptable for team practices.

Team Uniform for FALL Matches

Team shirts for the Varsity and JV teams will be a extra charge of $28 if you buy a second shirt the cost is $20. The team shirt is to be worn for match play. Shorts or tennis skirts will be the school color and must be purchased on your own. Tennis Warehouse will have an account set up for your school with the corresponding team color.

If your child is on the Loudoun North or Loudoun South Rec team, the league shirt provided will be your child’s match play uniform. Any color shorts or tennis skirt is acceptable.


It is recommended to play in proper tennis shoes. Tennis shoes can be any brand or color. Just as in basketball, volleyball, and track, tennis shoes are specifically designed for the type of movement on the tennis court. Running shoes are not recommended for practice or match play.

Tennis Racket

The recommended racket size for junior players is 26″ or 27″ GRAPHITE racket no heavier than 9oz. Alloy or aluminum rackets are not recommended. A good junior racket is about a $80-$100 investment.