We are using UTR- What You Need to Know

Big news! We are now a UTR academy! You may have heard about UTR, or Universal Tennis Rating, the world’s premier global rating that is taking the tennis world by storm. What does this mean? It means all of your scores can now count towards a dynamic, accurate rating!

Very Important! YOU MUST create a free UTR account to be able to play in the Middle School League.

Click here to request to join our UTR digital club and join the League, check out our upcoming events, see your rating & post a score!

UTR is the universal standard for all tennis players. It’s based purely on tennis results, and is age & gender blind. Think of it like a golf handicap, but for tennis. If you’ve played USTA, you may already have a UTR – see what it is! 


“UTR has given tennis players something they have never had: a simple, clear rating system that, like a handicap in golf, provides an objective, results-based measure of one’s skill. That opens opportunities that had never before been available in tennis…”


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