Youth Technical Info

Tennis for 10 and Under

Tennis balls have been developed to make it easier for beginner and recreational children and adult players to learn the game, and thus enhance their enjoyment of tennis. This has been achieved by the manufacture of tennis balls which are designed to play ‘slower’ and which therefore allow greater opportunity for players to rally. Ball Color: Red & Yellow Size: 15% larger than standard balls Compression: 25% compression of yellow balls Racket Size: 23 inches or less Court Dimensions: 36 ft. by 18 ft. Goals: Developing basic athletic, racquet, and game skills.
Ball Color: Orange & Yellow Size: standard size Compression: 50% compression of yellow balls Racket Size: 23-25 inches Singles Dimensions: 60 ft. by 21 ft. Doubles Dimension: 60 ft. by 27 ft. Goals: Developing tennis athletic, technical, and competitive skills.